Disposable Software – replace repeated, tedious work with a button

Nowadays most users only make use of a tiny fraction of the power of the software they already own. But with just a little effort, a software developer can design something tailored to your specific needs. It can cut the manpower required for some routine tasks by a factor of 10 or more. In fact I have written something that reduces a task of 4 hours to 15 minutes.

As the cost of manpower rises higher and higher, automation and computerization let’s you stay competitive.

Imagine doing repeated, tedious work with just the push of a button or a few key strokes. You can recoup the costs within months. Then if your work process changes in a couple of years and it is not required, since the investment has been more than paid for, you can simply retire the tool. Or, if you are ready for more features, it may be time to get a more sophisticated system custom built, using the disposable software you have as your blueprint.

That’s what I call “disposable software”.


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